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1. What are some examples of physical hazards that could be found on an SDS? (Check all that apply)
2. What is the best definition of flashpoint?
3. Health hazards are categorized by acute and ___ Chronic
4. What does the yellow section on the NFPA placard represent?
5. Secondary labels are not always required. One example of this exemption would be
6. The elements of the fire triangle are:
7. A class C fire is
8. In open yard storage, combustible materials piles must meet the following requirements
9. OSHA recommends the NFPA 70E standard for
10. What is the best description of voltage is
11. What does GFCI stand for?
12. Electricity tries to find atomic balance by
13. Temporary lights may
14. When locking and tagging out the employee should
15. Hot work is defined as
16. Fire watchers must stay in the hot work area
17. All stairways must meet the following except
18. Stairrail and handrail systems must
19. Extension ladders must extend how many feet over the landing?
20. The mid rail on a guardrail system should be about ___ inches?

Please answer all questions.

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